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Heavy Duty Pintle Hook Couplings

"Pintle Hooks and Fifth wheel usage on the road train or double trailer applications"

If you are like most internet searchers, you've come here in search of wholesale pintle hooks at the best prices. This article will give you all the information you need about buying wholesale pintle hooks, and also will enlighten you on why you need them and why you should always buy quality pintle hooks wherever you can.

What is a Pintle Hook?

A Pintle Hook is a bolting mechanism that allows heavy goods vehicles to connect a second or third trailer behind their main cargo trailer with drawbar eyes. These are called various things across the world, including Road trains and double trailers.

Why Would I Use A Pintle Hook?

If you’re involved in the long haul business, then you need to learn about pintle hooks and fifth wheel plates systems. Fuel is expensive, and deliveries are a matter of maximizing your cost to benefit ratio. If you only have a single trailer behind your vehicle, then you are limited by how much you can deliver needlessly. A Pintle hook system will mean that you can attach more trailers to the back of your truck – and in short – this means that you can deliver a huge amount more per delivery.

We don’t need to explain why that will benefit your business.

Of course, when you’re attaching anything to the back of your truck, the last thing you want is a safety issue. Pintle hooks, and especially our wholesale pintle hooks, ensure that there’s as secure a connection as there can be.

How Do I Use A Pintle Hook In Combination with a Fifth Wheel System?

Fifth wheel systems have been in use since the horse-and-cart carriage era. In fact, that’s why they are called “Fifth wheel systems”,: they would have been considered a fifth wheel on a four wheel carriage – which would have connected a trailer to the vehicle that the horses could pull.

A fifth wheel system is a ball and socket join that is attached to the back of your vehicle. To use it with a pintle hook, you simply connect the pintle to the joint – think of the pintle hook as the connector of the fifth wheel system.

The system gives incredible security – heavy duty pintle hooks and fifth wheel systems are incredibly durable. They’re designed to be so strong that the vehicles would be damaged long before the connection.

Conclusion – Where Do I Get Wholesale Pintle Hooks

To get your "wholesale pintle hooks" at the best prices isn't the only goal: pintle hook hitches need to be quality, because as the article demonstrates above - the reason you would use wholesale pintle hooks commercially is due to them being stronger and capable of sustaining more loads than a ball hitch would. Therefore, we are the best choice for wholesale pintle hooks - because we deliver on quality - you can be certain of this due to our various ratings by the European Union and our various safety certificates. Our wholesale pintle hooks are not only priced well, but the quality is guaranteed.

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