Tulga Fifth Wheel Co. Fifth Wheels, Automatic Towing Hitches, Heavy Duty Hitch, 5th Wheel Plate, King Pin, Drawbar Eye, Pintle Hook

Welcome To Tulga Fifth Wheel Co. 

Tulga is the leading manufacturer of the 3 point adapters for tractor hitches, Fifth Wheel Plates range, yet that is not all that Tulga Fifth Wheel Co. produces. Our wholesale product line is extensive, and includes all of your favourite brands and manufacturers. At the moment includes Fifth Wheel plates, King Pins, Automatic Towing Hitches, Couplings, Pintle Hooks, Tractor Drawbar Adapter Eyes as well as their spare parts and accessories.

We also carry and wholesale spares, replacement parts and Repair kits for Jost, Fontaine and SAF Holland. Our replacement parts and repair kits for fifth wheels are compatible with all major brands including but not limited to; Jost, Fontaine and Saf Holland. This means that whether you’re a user of brand A or brand B, we’ll have something that is compatible and useful for your particular needs.

Part of the Tulga Fifth Wheel Co. guarantee is quality: We only use high quality materials with latest technology. Whenever we use raw materials in any product – you can be assured that they are subject to strict laboratory testing, and thus Tulga Fifth Wheel Co. ensures their safety, as well as them providing the products you buy with optimum performance.  

It’s very difficult to shop online and know that the company you are shopping with is legitimate. That’s why it’s always important that you check the credentials of the company before you buy.

As far as our credentials go, Tulga Fifth Wheel Co. is registered with an ISO 2008 certificate, and our products are certified with the CE European Union Standards Certificate. What that means for you is that you know any product you’ll buy is guaranteed by the European Union’s Trade Standards Committee, ensuring its safety. It also guarantees that we are as legitimate stockist as you’ll find, and we won’t stock any product that hasn’t been rigorously tested and certified. 

If you have browsed our product section, you’re probably wondering how Tulga Fifth Wheel Co. can produce such great quality products and offer them at the prices they do. Surely it’s too good to be true? Well, fear not. The reason that our company can provide you with the best possible products at the best possible prices is because we own our factory, and any product you buy comes directly to you – wherever you are ordering from on the internet, and gets delivered from our factory straight to your door. We can provide great prices and great products because there is no middle man.

So, if you haven’t already, browse our product list and find yourself a great deal on our range of fifth wheel plates, King Pins, Automatic Hitches, 3 Point Tractor Hitch Adapters, Couplings, swivel pintle hitches and any other product you might want across our vast range.

Also, remember that you can always contact us by visiting the Contact Us page should you have any further queries.