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Fifth Wheel Hitch

What is 5th Wheel Hitch?

What is 5th Wheel Hitch?

The fifth wheel hitch provides the link between a semi-trailer and the towing truck, tractor unit, leading trailer or dolly. Some camper trailers use a fifth-wheel configuration, requiring the coupling to be installed in the bed of a pickup truck as a towing vehicle, and "fifth wheel" is therefore sometimes used as a synonym for such campers in North America. The coupling consists of a kingpin, a 2-or-3 1⁄2-inch-diameter (50.8 or 88.9 mm) vertical steel pin protruding from the bottom of the front of the semi-trailer, and a horse shoe shaped coupling device called a fifth wheel hitch on the rear of the towing vehicle.

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It perfectly fits my Dodge. Extra sturdy and good p-p. Bought this a few weeks ago, and the package was good. I like the quality of the fifth wheel.

Thomas A.

I love the top plate on this hitch, its large surface holds the trailer very well during the drive. You can't compare this hitch to anything else.

David M.

We recently received this fifth wheel hitch to install on customers hot shot truck. It is super sturdy and it has the half of the price of small fifth wheel hitches. Highly recommended.

Adam K.

Fast shipping and they were very helpful with my questions about installing t10 fifth wheel hitch to my truck.

Alex S.

Fit the bumper perfectly and is easy to install. I purchased this a few days ago and delivered it so quickly. Thank you.

Arturo B.

Tulga T10 fifth wheel hitch

fifth wheel hitch

Did you know?

Did you know, Tulga T10 fifth wheel hitch has the highest rating towing capacity 36,000 lbs compare to other fifth wheel hitches in its class. 120 lbs of formed steel makes T10 is the best fifth wheel hitch for hot shot trucks.

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Fifth Wheel Hitch Blog

  • 5th Wheel Hitch Repair Guide
    July 29, 2022

    5th Wheel Hitch Repair Guide

    Once you decide to set on a journey with a fifth wheel, this additional vehicle will become your best company. You won’t be thinking about the accommodation or looking for a decent place to eat, since you will have everything with you at once. Nevertheless, your fifth wheel is also a mechanical device and therefore needs regular maintenance and repair if needed. Several occasions may harm your fifth wheel during your trip.
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  • A Quick Guide to 5th Wheel Hitch
    July 25, 2022

    A Quick Guide to 5th Wheel Hitch

    A fifth wheel could be the right choice for you if you are a frequent traveler, whether for work or pleasure. If you want to get away from the stresses of everyday life without giving up the comforts of home, there are plenty of options for you to do so. One popular trend is RV’s with 5th wheel hitches you probably encounter almost everywhere.
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  • What are the Pros and Cons of a Fifth Wheel?
    July 18, 2022

    What are the Pros and Cons of a Fifth Wheel?

    If you are planning to experience a long-term travel spent in a vehicle, there are many different styles to choose from when looking for an RV or camper. While some RVs are equipped for a lone off-road excursion, others are made to provide enough room for a large family. What you intend to do with the camper, how many people you'll be traveling with, and where you intend to take it will all have a big impact on which type is best for you. 
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T22 fifth wheel hitch

Perfect for car hauler semi trailer trucks.

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