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How to Choose the Right King Pin Lock for Your Trailer

How to Choose the Right King Pin Lock for Your Trailer

Besides the general and periodic maintenance of a fifth wheel, there are several other issues that should necessarily be taken into consideration. Since your new fifth wheel is either a miniature of your house or it is literally where you sustain your life, providing its security is a significant matter. Note that the technological advancements and improvements in the field of mechanics have been supplying incredible products that we wouldn’t imagine a vehicle would feature. Therefore, the kitchens furnished with the latest technological products, the smart devices with multifunctional qualities are all parts of this new façade of RV and fifth wheel industry. In this sense, the significance and value of the 5th wheels are getting more and more highlighted nowadays.

To protect your fifth wheel from exterior factors include also taking sufficient measurements against possible theft. You might not think of this factor before, because wear-outs, material qualities, and other mechanical concerns usually consist the primary issues when it comes to mentioning the protection of a fifth wheel trailer. However, the more a 5th wheel is technologically improved, the more it is susceptible to such exterior dangers. Moreover, especially if you are a camper, your camp equipment becomes a subject of the same threat. Caring for every aspect of your fifth wheel’s safety and security, TULGA Fifth Wheel family suggests obtaining the necessary products designed to protect your fifth wheel. In this article, we will introduce to you the fifth wheel king pin lock specialized for this purpose and go over other measurements to provide efficient safety.

While offering the king pin lock as a solution to prevent thefts, it is important to know what this simple but considerably effective device is.

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What is a King Pin and Trailer Lock?

Known as the silent hero of the fifth wheel, the king pin is a round steel shaft that is attached to the front of the wheel. Small in size, it is made from extremely sturdy material to handle the significant amount of force occurring between the towing vehicle and your fifth wheel. This steel shaft is designed to fit into a truck bed hitch, which will enable it to remain linked to the towing vehicle even while it is being transported.

You will need to secure the king pin itself with a lock. Because of this, it is impossible for anyone to lock it onto a car that is being towed. If the fifth wheel cannot be attached to the hitch, then no one will be able to move the trailer.

Well, is it necessary to have a king pin lock after setting everything properly? If you do not want to find your fifth wheel’s place empty in the morning or any valuable piece inserted in it, the answer is definitely yes. Here is a simple fact to face: Your recreational vehicle could be stolen by anyone with a 5th wheel hitch installed in the bed of their truck if you do not have a king pin lock installed on it. The vast majority of spectators would not even give it a moment's consideration. Don’t give a verifiable credit? Here are some recent examples from different places:

The Global News reported two luxury fifth wheel trailer theft in the Acheson industrial area of Parkland Country in Dec 4, 2022. The theft resulted in loss of more than 300.000 $, including the material stolen along with the vehicles. To describe this daring incident, Blank-Shatford states that “The two most expensive fifth wheels on the lot is what they took.”  

According to Jordan Foust’s report posted on, on the other hand, a suspect from Florida has been caught by the police and “charged with theft as a Level 5 felony after his arrest.” The police reports indicate that the man stole a “2022 Crusader model valued at close to 90.000$,” and this scandal took place only last year!

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These close events already prove the necessity of taking efficient measures before it is too late. However, these news should not discourage you from having a fifth wheel or using it. By making careful considerations about your trip with every detail, such matter will never be concern for you.

When it is closed and stored, your RV poses the highest risk of having its fifth wheel stolen. When combined with the fact that the unit is already prepared for travel, this circumstance has the potential to make the trip more enjoyable.

If you equip your fifth wheel with a king pin lock, you can prevent theft or, at the at least, make it more difficult for a thief to get away with his or her crime in time for someone to notice suspicious behavior. There is hardly no anti-theft solution on the market that is completely infallible, but criminals tend to target simple targets. A lock that has been properly placed is likely to discourage would-be burglars, leading them to look for an easier target elsewhere.

Here is a practical and useful product designed to wipe out all of your safety concerns: The king pin lock comes with a slide bolt that keeps the king pin from connecting to the 5th wheel hitch. When the lock is closed, the pin slides into the groove on the king pin. This makes it impossible for anyone to take the lock apart.

However, note that not all the king pin locks suits to your truck or fifth wheel. Just as choosing the right fifth wheel for your purpose of use and the king pin according to your truck bed type, there are several different models and sizes of king pin locks to make the most of the device.

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1. King Pin Locks for Heavy Duty Trucks

The products that are designed specifically for heavy duty trucks come with two keys and a warning tag that is bright yellow and hangs from a chain that is 12 inches long to indicate that there is a lock. This marking is obvious and serves as a reliable indicator that the lock in question is a king pin lock. Even just the appearance of it could deter potential thieves, and you won't cause any damage to your hitch if you try to attach it while the lock is still engaged.

2. Standard King Pin Locks for Common Use

This style is perfect for those who favor having a blatant lock on their door. Because it is bright yellow, you won't be able to forget that it's there, and individuals with bad intentions will be aware that your RV won't be easy to steal. Each lock has its own key, with the exception of the blossom lock, which has two separate keys.

3. King Pin Locks with Practical Bars

This type of lock is simple to operate and installs with a bar that prevents a fifth wheel hitch hookup from being used. Because the aperture measures two inches in diameter, it can accommodate practically any king pin measuring two inches in diameter. The convenience with which the lock can be attached and removed is a feature that is appreciated by the owners, hence the popularity of the device among many people today. The product comes mostly in black or dark colors; however, some people feel that it should be a different color than black so that it is easier to see. 

4. Ultra Tough Trailer Locks

Your fifth wheel will remain securely attached to the hitch thanks to the ultra-tough fifth wheel hitch locks. These sturdy king pin lock can be installed in a matter of seconds. It is comes usually in bright colors, which serve as a visual reminder of its presence before you attempt to connect your tow vehicle to your kingpin trailer.

It is one of the lighter locks, coming in at only 1.1 pounds, making it one of the more portable options. The locking mechanism is made of robust metal so that it won't crack easily, and it comes with two keys that are made of a durable material. The incredibly resistant lock was given 4.5 stars out of 5 by reviewers, who praised both its simple installation and the design that made it impossible to crack. There have been several reports of reviewers experiencing difficulties with the product not fitting the king pin of their particular fifth wheel.

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5. Heavy Duty Conical Trailer King Pin Lock

This lock is really sturdy and won't budge even if you try. Whether your truck, boat, or recreational vehicle has a king pin, the Heavy Duty Conical Trailer King Pin Lock is an excellent option for securing your trailer. Even certain cargo trailers are able to make use of it. Because it completely encircles the king pin, the individuals who created it claim that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to penetrate.

The reviews for this product have given it an average score of 4.7 stars out of 5. The fact that it can be installed without first removing the lubrication plate is praised by reviewers, although some owners have expressed a need for a keyhole cover to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the space.

There are a few distinct methods that can be used to secure various models of 5th wheel king pin locks. Check the instructions provided by the maker of the lock before you attempt to install it. The majority of locks for fifth wheels function by first wrapping around the king pin and then locking into place with a key or combination.

They don't cost a lot of money and are simple to operate. As a fifth wheel is a significant investment that should be protected, why wouldn't you use a reliable lock on it?

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Theft is a potential threat for campers and fifth wheel owners concerning security of the vehicle itself. However, there are several brief measures to easily prevent such unwanted incidents. With a right and appropriate device that suits your purpose, towing vehicle, and truck weight, a simple king pin lock will well suffice to provide the required safety for you. Please visit TULGA Fifth Wheel Hitch website to find all the complimentary material and product that will make your fifth wheel journey the safest and secure one!

FAQs About King Pin and Trailer Lock

Is a king pin trailer lock same with the trailer hitch lock?

Despite sounding similar, these two devices are often confused but definitely different in their shape. While both serve for safety purposes, the hitch lock is directly attached to your truck bed, whereas the king pin lock is a device for the king pin itself. But when it comes to provide safety for your hitch, the former products are the appropriate ones.

To prevent potential thieves from making off with your RV trailer, one of the simplest and most cost-effective preventative measures you can take is to install a lock on the trailer hitch. Because there are so many variations of hitch locks to pick from, it may be challenging to find the one that is most suitable for your needs. In light of this, we will examine five of the most effective locks for securing your recreational vehicle.

Is a king pin necessary for the tuck?

It is not possible to have accurate steering without king pins, the bushings that go around them, and the other components that come with them. The king pin is the component that secures the steering axle to the steering knuckle on a truck. This maintains the integrity of the steering geometry while allowing the wheels to turn the wheelbase of the vehicle.

How can I detect a worn-out king pin?

If your vehicle is not properly aligned, the front tires will wear out rapidly and unevenly, and the vehicle will be difficult to operate. All of these symptoms indicate that your kingpin and bushings are on the verge of breaking. While you are behind the wheel and experiencing these sensations, the vehicle or the steering wheel may tremble. When the kingpin is not greased as it should be, it will wear rapidly and unevenly, which can make hauling dangerous. Galling on the contact surfaces of the kingpin might be a sign of inadequate kingpin lubrication, as can early wear on the kingpin.

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