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Repair Kits for Fifth Wheel Plates.

A high amount of safety measures are taken while dealing with couplings of fifth wheel, the design gets finalized after undergoing a lot of approval tests. They help in maintaining a link between the trailer truck and the track which is being used for towing. The same is applicable for tractor units, dolly, leading trailer and more.  Many recreational automobiles come with a definite fifth wheel composition; in that case the installation of the coupling happens in the pickup truck’s bed region, much like a towing car.


Here is some of the replacement parts of the fifth wheel that we offer:

  • T4000-01 Minor Rebuild Repair Kit for Tulga T.25.D.2", Jost JSK37 Series, Jost JSK37USL, JSK37USA, JSK37HSL, JSK37FSL, JSK37UWL, JSK37UA, JSK37US, JSK37UW, JSK37010


  • T75013-05 Minor Rebuild Kit Tulga T.22.D.2", Jost JSK36 Series, JSK36NSL




  • TC3106-003 Standard Liner Plates & Bolts for Jost JSK37UWA, JSK37UWB, JSK37UWL, JSK37UWR


 There is kingpin which is  2 or 3 12 inches in diameter attached to the anterior part of the trailer, while the coupling device is attached in the posterior part. The kingpin is in the middle of the semi-trailer’s surface which is in constant motion against the anchored fifth wheel. Anti-friction substances like grease are sometimes applied on the outer surface. The coupling is advantageous in maximizing the stability of the towing process. The various Repair kits for fifth wheels are:

  • Adjuster Rod
  • Handle kit
  • Standard Handle kits
  • Handle – release
  • Repair kit for pivot pins
  • Jaw repair instruments

There a few standard parts operating in fifth wheel like – JSK37UWL, JSK37UA, JSK37US. The spare parts include –the screw connection, guide plate, bolt, spring, stopper, clamp pin and a complete latch configuration. The Rebuild kits for jost comprises of – repair kits which are suitable for a 3.5” locking system, the bearing kit, and the kit for 2” locking configuration. All these kits can be upgraded by using a conversion kit.

SAF Holland’s fifth wheels are known for their high durability, reliable performance and effective prices. They are designed for all kinds of vehicles from small trailers to big trucks. They are a true leader of this industry in terms of technological innovation. There are numerous models of Top Plate used in fifth wheels.

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