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Fifth Wheel Hitches

T10 fifth wheel hitch is best for hotshot trucks or pick up trucks such as Ford F Series, Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Silverados. 6 Inc Height low profile 5th wheel hitch plate has 36,000 lbs capacity. Even though it is our smallest model, it is still the most sturdy hitch in its class.

T22 fifth wheel hitch is also great addition to hotshot trucks or pick up trucks. 45,000 lbs vertical limit makes it extremely heavy duty for hotshot trucks. 

The 5th wheel hitch give the connection between the towing truck and the semi trailer hitch, tractor unit, dolly or driving trailer. Few entertaining vehicles utilize a fifth wheel arrangement, obliging the pairing to be introduced at the bottom of an elevated truck like a lugging vehicle. To decrease contact, oil is connected to the surface of the fifth wheel. The setup is once in a while called a turn-table in Australia and New Zealand, particularly in the event that it is a pivoting ball-race-bearing sort. The upside of this coupling is enhanced towing steadiness.