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5 Surprising Factors That Determine the Cost of a Fifth Wheel Hitch

5 Surprising Factors That Determine the Cost of a Fifth Wheel Hitch

You have decided to purchase a fifth wheel for your RV and are ready to choose the right vehicle. But just like embarking on a startup, this modification requires a well-organized and comprehensive plan, including its efficiency and cost. Therefore, keep in mind that only planning your travel route would not be sufficient enough to maintain your dreams. The financial concerns of the fifth wheel are a significant issue to take into consideration. However, a comprehensive research and guide will illuminate the things you might have ignored when purchasing a fifth wheel. Although a 5th wheel is not always an economic additional vehicle if it does not efficiently serve your purposes, there are of course several factors that determine the cost and the further expenses according to your use. 

To make your journey a cost-effect-friendly one, we have prepared a guide for you, including the 5 surprising factors that influence the total cost and reduce redundant expenditures. Nevertheless, these considerations never mean standing down on the quality of the materials or the fifth wheel itself. Safety and stability are our primary concerns, which should always come first in each factor. With TULGA Fifth Wheel Hitch products, remain on the safe side!

Now let us have a look at what major factors determine the cost of a fifth wheel hitch.

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1. Make Market Research on the Average Costs

It is an exciting and pleasurable experience to travel in a fifth wheel. It is important that you have a hitch placed in your truck as soon as you can so that you may begin making use of your new trailer. However, nowadays, the more travelling becomes accessible, the more the fifth wheel hitch market gets competitive. But how much is a fifth wheel hitch? While the cost of a fifth wheel primarily depends on its type, its inner decoration and facilities have become another significant concern. Therefore, the first factor addresses your requirements and expectations from a fifth wheel. Doing a market research on the average costs would provide a broad scale for you to lay out the pros and cons of each brand.

The pricing range for fifth wheels can be from $35,000 USD for a small fifth wheel to over $140,000 USD for a large fifth wheel. The price of a fifth wheel largely depends on the dimensions of the trailer as well as the amenities that come with it. Take a look at some of the newest fifth wheel goods that have been released by manufacturers.

On the other hand, the hitches are cheaper if you have the 5th wheel already. The fifth wheel hitches can be purchased at a wide range of different pricing points. For a straightforward hitch, the price might range anywhere from $50 to $300, while a more involved hitch can cost well over $1,000. For some, you may additionally require the purchase of an installation or rail kit. What you wind up purchasing will be determined by what you desire, how much money you have, and the kind of truck you have.

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When selecting a hitch, it is important to take into consideration not only the dimensions and weight of your trailer, but also the length of your truck bed (long or short box). In addition to that, do you want the hitch to be totally removed? (in the event that you need to use the truck for other purposes) Which is more important to you, the price or the performance?

If you don't intend to move the trailer around very often or if cost is the most important factor to you. In this case, a cheap hitch may be all that you require. It will be sufficient to carry you from one location to another, and it may be all that you need. A hitch that is more expensive will typically be of higher quality, have a shorter learning curve, and simplify the process of towing, but it will cost you a considerable amount of money. 

With a fifth-wheel trailer, you can get away from the toils of a troublesome route all without giving up any of the comforts of home. The typical fifth wheel feels so much like home and is so comfortable that it's no wonder that many RVers who live in their vehicles full-time choose these. RV manufacturers have seen the potential for this sector to expand as well as the increasing number of families that want to camp in comfort and style. With this consideration, the recent vehicles come with a detailed and luxurious infrastructure to simulate a simple house. Notably more improved that the previous fashions, today’s fifth wheels present fully equipped with everything from the basic amenities to luxuries like as several televisions and fireplaces. Because they have such wonderful floor plans and a wide variety of amenities, these trailers give the impression that they are apartments.

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2. Paying for Installation or Doing it Manually?

While purchasing the right vehicle and its equipment is a major issue, the installation process is another critical factor to consider. When you install a trailer hitch on your vehicle, you open up a lot of new possibilities for yourself. When your vehicle is fitted with the appropriate trailer hitch, you will be able to transport boats, go camping with your loved ones, tote items for the home or garden, and more. There are several options to install your 5th wheel hitch onto your towing vehicle once you have the appropriate tools and accommodating units. However, the issue may not always be as easy as it may seem. As we highlighted before, safety and stability are the most important things in the whole installation and usage process, and they should be provided in the best way to prevent any unexpected accidents. Therefore, reconsider your repair and installation skills before you square at the circle. If you think do not have the necessary tools, equipment, knowledge, or experience, it is better to hand in the task to an expert. Once it is properly attached to your vehicle, you will not pay extra amount for other potential problems.

The installation costs for the most common types of tow courses begin at approximately $300 and can reach up to about $900 on the high end. The installation of a trailer hitch will run you an average of roughly $600.

The cost of installation can range anywhere from $200 to $250 for simple class 1 or 2 installations to $300 to $500 or even $700 for more complicated installations like as class 4 and fifth wheel hitches. The cost of the trailer hitch itself does not include the installation fees that are required. There is a wide pricing range for the installation of trailer hitches, from $70 to $250 per hour.

When making any kind of purchase, the safest approach is almost always to get something that falls somewhere in the middle of the price range. You won't spend any more money than is absolutely necessary to get top quality and years of expertise towing.

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3. Types of Hitches and Their Cost

Here is the motto: the right vehicle, the affordable cost. If the initial factor is wrong, then it will not make sense to purchase for installation and the other whole equipment. Therefore, determine your purpose first and choose the appropriate fifth wheel hitch for that. Here are some 5th wheel hitch types with their features and costs:

Receiver Trailer Hitch for Light-Duty Use

Light-duty receiver trailer hitches are best for compact and midsize sedans and light-duty SUVs. They can carry light cargo trailers, utility trailers, sports trailers (for motorcycles or personal watercraft), or even small camping trailers. Light-duty trailer hitches can hold up to 230 pounds on the tongue and up to 2,000 pounds on the whole trailer.

Most trailer hitches are not mounted on bumpers, but a very small, light-duty trailer might be able to be pulled with a bumper-mounted hitch. But for most light pulls, a receiver-style frame attached to the frame of the vehicle works best. This type of trailer hitch has a drawbar that can be taken out. Once the drawbar is taken out, the hitch blends in with the car. The price of a Class 1 trailer hitch is between $150 and $200.

Class 2: Receiver Trailer Hitch for Light-Duty Use

With class 2 regular-duty trailer hitches, midsize sedans, wagons, vans, and SUVs can tow up to 3,500 pounds. The tongue can only hold up to 380 pounds of weight.

Most light camping trailers, utility or cargo trailers up to 12 feet long, and boat trailers up to 20 feet long have a tow weight of 3,500 pounds.

Most of the time, bolts hold the trailer hitch frame to the bottom of the vehicle's frame. When the vehicle isn't pulling anything, the drawbar can be pulled out and put away. The price of a Class 2 trailer hitch is between $150 and $480.

Heavy-Duty Receiver Trailer Hitch is in Class 3

Heavy-duty trailer hitches with a removable drawbar are attached to the bottom of the frame of the vehicle and are made for large SUVs, vans, and pickups.

Heavy-duty hitches can pull a trailer with a gross weight of up to 7,500 pounds and a tongue weight of up to 800 pounds. Depending on their weight, class 3 trailer hitches can pull most medium-sized campers, utility trailers, and boat trailers. The price of a Class 3 trailer hitch is between $150 and $200.

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Super-Heavy-Duty Receiver Trailer Hitch Class 4

Super- or sometimes extra-heavy-duty hitches are used for Class 4 trailers. Aside from fifth-wheel hitches, these undercarriage hitches can hold up to 17,000 pounds of gross trailer weight. The tongues of these hitches can hold as much as 1,750 pounds.

For class 4-hitch towing, you need full-size cars, wagons, vans, pickups, and SUVs. With a class 4 hitch, you can pull full-size camping trailers, large boats, and large utility trailers. The price of a Class 4 trailer hitch is between $200 and $350.

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4.  Tips for Hotshot Truckers

If you are planning to use your fifth wheel hitch not only for enjoyable travels but also to make a profit from it, you may consider hotshot trucking as your individual profession. The cost of running a hot shot is usually between $0.80 and $0.85 per mile, but this can vary depending on the payment. The benefit of "half the weight, half the rate" is that the first half of the load can cover my costs.

Using your time in the fullest should be your major principle in hotshot tucking since it also determines the fuel expenditures. The more you drive, the more money you can make, as long as you follow the Hours of Service rules. Trucking is usually a job with long hours, which does not leave much time for things like side jobs or getting a degree. It also takes a while to learn how to plan your week, how to work your shift most efficiently, and where to avoid so you do not drive home empty (deadhead). You can only get the kind of real-world information that will help you make better business decisions by putting in the time and miles.

5.  Reduce your repair costs by taking necessary measures

Using a sliding fifth wheel hitch will prevent damage to your truck and RV. You might avoid having to pay a hefty repair bill. Find out if a sliding fifth wheel hitch should be your next major buy by reading on. A fifth wheel hitch that slides along rails fixed to the vehicle bed is known as a sliding fifth wheel hitch. Although it can slide along the rails, the hitch performs similarly to a regular fifth wheel hitch. The distance between the vehicle and the trailer is widened as a result.

This kind of fifth wheel hitch frequently weights much more and costs a little bit more. But it can spare you from expensive repairs.


While there are many more factors that determine the cost of your fifth wheel and the potential further expenses, these five major factors will save a considerable amount and supply safety for your travels. In any case, however, rely on the best quality products whatever they cost. Remember that such things may seem minor compared to the other issues, but they may lsat for a life-time, and it is worth it when it comes to your own safety.  

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