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A Quick Guide to 5th Wheel Hitch

A Quick Guide to 5th Wheel Hitch

A fifth wheel could be the right choice for you if you are a frequent traveler, whether for work or pleasure. If you want to get away from the stresses of everyday life without giving up the comforts of home, there are plenty of options for you to do so. One popular trend is RV’s with 5th wheel hitches you probably encounter almost everywhere. These vehicles provide considerable opportunities for you to design your own travel or profession as a transporter. 

There are many pros to the fifth wheel despite a few solvable disadvantages. But consider each of them before getting your own 5th wheel. To see a practical comparison, you can visit our blog. With the high-quality products that you would need from installation to maintenance TULGA offers, enjoy the comfort under safety! Now let’s have a quick look at the basics of the 5th wheel hitch. 

Get to Know about Fifth Wheel Hitches

Towable by a pickup truck, a fifth-wheel is a large recreational vehicle. It is usually attached to a tow vehicle through a hitch. The type of these hitches depends on your truck bed, and a variety of them are available for both long and short bed trucks. 5th wheel hitches are preferred for light duties on rather smooth roads. This is because their attachment mechanism is designed to be installed on light vehicles. Unlike tractors or lorries, therefore, the fifth wheel hitch should not be used in rough conditions for maintenance concerns. 

If you'd rather not have the hitch in the truck's bed, a gooseneck hitch is another option. Framers, tractor users, and lorry drivers of big transportation companies usually prefer this type of hitch. Sturdy and strong, though, there are several safety issues about the gooseneck hitch. And one significant is the problem of swaying, especially on rough lands. 

The risks of RV swaying behind the vehicle are reduced by 5th wheel hitches. Plus, they are easier to maneuver and have a smaller turning circle than trailers. Many vacationers favor these trailers because of this feature, since parking and moving may become a serious problem in urban landscapes. Once the truck has been safely parked, the fifth wheel can be removed. It's unnecessary to bring along an extra vehicle when using this truck for daily commutes, detours, and sightseeing tours.

Well, where can we use and what can we do with the fifth wheel? Golf carts, motorcycles, go-carts, and other toys can all be easily transported in 5th wheel toy haulers. These 5th wheels have a ramp that drops down from the back, a cargo area, and a cargo area, so you can load up your favorite toy and store it in the trailer while you're on the road.

The cost of a fifth-wheel trailer can range widely. Trailers range in price from around $10,000 for an older, smaller model to between $50,000 and $100,000 for a brand new, high-end model. The cost of a trailer will vary from customer to customer based on the features and conveniences they seek.

Let Us Know Some Mechanics

A fifth wheel can possibly be as long as 45 feet and as heavy as 10,000 pounds. Regarding these numbers, you should take your truck's towing capacity into consideration when loading. This is important because every truck has a limited towing capacity. And if you exceed it, mechanic problems or detachments likely occur on the road. Make sure your fifth wheel hitch is properly balanced for maximum safety and ease of towing. Of course, your RV dealer can help you choose the best hitch for your towing needs, so don't forget to ask. Or just visit TULGA Fifth Wheel here to explore everything about fifth wheels on your own. 

When determining the trailer's weight class, the length, height, amenities, and slide-outs of fifth wheel trailers are taken into account. Note that you will also add the weight of your stuff at last. While each of these items constitutes the totality, the manufacturing process of the vehicle also has a significant impact on your fifth wheel’s weight.

Do not underestimate your tow vehicle’s power! Trucks with smaller or mid-sized engines can pull lightweight fifth wheel trailers. If you're traveling for a shorter period of time or don't require a large amount of living space while on the road, you may want to consider a lighter and smaller RV. Midsize and full-size trailers offer more living space, but larger vehicles are required to tow them, and the largest trailers require a diesel engine vehicle.

As an estimate, you can expect to add somewhere around 2,000-3,000 pounds to the weight of your trailer once you have it packed with fuel, water, propane, and all of your personal items. You need to keep that in mind when selecting a 5th wheel for your vehicle (or the right vehicle for your 5th wheel) so as not to exceed the ideal towing capacity.


Inside and Outside

Fifth wheels come in a range of floor configurations that include rooms for sleeping, restrooms, communal living areas, dining areas, and whatnot. Equipped with the recent technologies, these living spaces are getting even more luxurious, creating the atmosphere of a home. Each manufacturer will offer a variety of floor layouts, and it is up to the consumer to choose the one that best meets their requirements. Instead of the typical floor plan, which places the bedroom in front, one popular floor plan sets the living area in front of the fifth wheel. The latter plan enables you to utilize the given space more efficiently since it separates the bedroom from other areas, also making it a private room. An ideal fifth wheel should provide you with sufficient kitchen space that is integrated with the living room. 

Many fifth wheels have slide-outs. With the easy push of a button, these units raise or lower portions of the trailer to increase interior room. Some fifth wheels have even up to four slide-outs to increase this proportion. It's best to go through it, and list everything you plan to take with you to discover the aspects and characteristics that fit you the most when choosing your 5th wheel.

What about the exterior of the vehicle? 5th wheels constructed of gloss-coated fiberglass are meant to maintain their color and sheen while also coping with the sometimes demanding conditions of the outdoors. Rain, storm, mud, rocky lands, and many other factors directly affect the fifth wheel's exterior surface due to its usage area. For this reason, fifth wheels are covered with specially developed material that endures external wear. Several types of fifth wheels may include rubber roofs, awnings, and even little garages for storing toys. 

It's easy to safely transport a lot of weight in a 5th wheel thanks to the way it connects to the towing vehicle so that it doesn't sway. If you spend a lot of time in your RV boating or off-roading, you may want to check at 5th wheel versions that are specifically designed to hold your toys.

The Best on the Road

Only a few fifth-wheel travel trailers can rightfully lay claim to being the best in their class. The following models stand out as the best five possibilities based on our team's study on floor plans, construction quality, and average expenses.


  • Cross-road RV Cruiser: In terms of features and construction quality, the Crossroads RV Cruiser delivers a lot for the money. The Crossroads RV Cruiser is a popular choice among RVers, despite the fact that some of the greatest fifth-wheel RVs feature more upscale fixtures and fittings.

  • Heartland Bighorn: The Heartland Bighorn is a popular fifth-wheel RV because of its high quality and low cost. Customers can select from nine different plans that have high-quality cabinetry and countertops, as well as features like slideouts and awnings that feature LED lighting.

  • Grand Design Solitude: The Grand Design Solitude is notable for its well-considered layout and superb build quality. The big living area, queen bed, and stainless steel appliances found in the Grand Design Solitude's 11 floor plans attest to the company's high reputation as a manufacturer of fifth-wheel RVs.


  • Forest Driver Wildcat: The Forest River Wildcat is an excellent pick for families because of its affordable price tag and comprehensive feature package. RVers with smaller tow vehicles don't have to worry about this model because its seven floor designs span in length from 32 to 43 feet.

  • KZ Durango Good: The KZ Durango Gold is a luxury fifth-wheel RV that's hard to beat if you're seeking for the best of the best. It's not exactly cheap, but it's worth every penny for the luxurious experience and ample space it provides its owners. 

While these are the top 5 fifth wheels we compiled for you, now it is time to choose the one best fits your plans. Visit our blog to learn more about the maintenance and types of fifth wheel hitches. We assure you that you will enjoy your new home!

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