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Best Fifth Wheel Hitch for Hot Shot Trucks

Best Fifth Wheel Hitch for Hot Shot Trucks

When it comes to establishing your own job with the least expenses and the utmost efficiency, hot shot trucking is becoming a popular option for many people. Basically, hot shot trucking is a type of transportation that is conducted by individuals rather than large companies. In this term, the service is an independent business that enables self-employment. Whereas the large transportation companies require single, big trucks, lorries, or vehicles operated by professional transportation drivers, hot shot trucking can be conducted by anyone anywhere. The only requirement is a convenient vehicle capable of towing heavy loads via a fifth wheel or trailer. 

Although your relatively small-sized vehicle would limit the amount, volume, or weight of your load, it is much more suitable for quick deliveries in especially urban areas than the traditional transporters. This is because big trucks/vehicles may become a problem when it comes to effectively using them in narrow cities. Besides, the whole process costs much more in terms of fuel and taxes. Compared to traditional transportation, The practicality of hot shot trucking makes the job easy to establish for anyone. 

If you are looking forward to commencing a new profession and are interested in hot shot trucking, here we go: The first step is to obtain a convenient pivot vehicle and a trailer or a fifth wheel. This additional device will turn your personal vehicle into a transportation operator. The second step then will be deciding on which type of products, items, and loads you are going to deliver. This step determines your destination and profit as well because it is directly linked to the supply-demand relationship where you are going to conduct your job. In a word, the product potential of the place is a paradigm for what you are going to deliver either within the district or nearby destinations. Therefore, the content of your load is as significant as providing the necessary equipment to transport it. 


Deciding on the hitch type

If you have already decided on your new commence, you can have a look at the guideline on our blog to start your own job! But before going further, you should note that a proper delivery means the involvement of suitable vehicles and equipment in the whole process. Not all types of pivot vehicles are convenient to tow certain loads. Besides, the quality of the fifth wheel or the trailer is also an important factor in your delivery. A wrong combination of the pivot vehicle and the cargo vehicle may result in unexpected costs, losing time efficiency, and customer dissatisfaction. In order to avoid such risks, you should cautiously prepare the most appropriate conditions for your job. 

A reductionist but also very realist approach shall promote the function and agency of the hitch in this process. That is, considering the towing and receiving the entire force, your hitch that makes the connection between two vehicles is the essential device that undertakes all the work. In a word, it is the hero of this journey. Therefore, above everything, your hitch should be of the highest quality and the most appropriate type. 

hotshot truck 5th wheel hitch

Many transportation companies usually prefer trailers for their operations. To make an illustration, a trailer appears as a platform up to 6 meters, which is conducted by a heavy truck that is capable of towing large amounts. These trailers are designed to carry cars, trucks, SUVs, motors, and heavy loads. Because of their function, mobility and agile maneuver capability are not the primary concern. On the other hand, however, hot shot trucking prioritizes these factors since it offers quick delivery as its main advantage. While a trailer may not easily turn or move in narrow urban settings, a fifth wheel becomes an opportunity. 

Compared to the trailers, 5th wheels are considered way more practical in fast and agile duties. This is because they are compact, shorter, and not as wide as trailers. In addition, parking is another problem that is solved by the fifth wheels, particularly in cities. Because the fifth wheel can also serve individual purposes, it can easily be modified as your travel compartment. Depending on your use, you can transform your vehicle into your profession. These opportunities make the fifth wheels preferable over trailers among hot shot truck operators. 

So, how would you install a fifth wheel to your pivot vehicle to start on your hot shot trucking? Before all, note that the installation process is closely related to the type and capability of your hitch. Therefore, if you are wondering how to start a hot shot trucking job, the first thing you must know before initiating your business is the type of your hitch. Here are the 6 common hitches you would find: bumper hitch, weight-carrying hitch, weight-distribution hitch, gooseneck hitch, and 5th wheel hitch. 

Bumper hitches usually come with the least towing capacity as they are designed to carry light duties or serve side platforms. On the other hand, gooseneck and the following two hitches are more suitable for rough conditions such as fieldwork or heavy duties. They do not provide a smooth operation like a fifth wheel. Therefore, the last type of hitches provides the best option for conducting smooth, fast, and practical transportation.


What should you look for when choosing the best fifth wheel for your hot shot trucking? 

The fifth wheel hitch is a crucial piece of equipment that connects your camper to your tow vehicle so you can drive safely. However, not every hitch will work with your trailer, tow vehicle, lifestyle, or budget. So, TULGA here provides you with a shopping guide for fifth wheel hitches that might be very beneficial to you while choosing the best type for your operation. 

How much weight your fifth wheel can tow

You must be aware of your truck's towing capacity and the gross trailer weight of your trailer before you begin to link them. The maximum weight that your truck can tow is referred to as its towing capability. Gross trailer weight, on the other hand, refers to the total weight of your fifth wheel trailer once it has been connected to your truck. Remember that the lowest-rated towing component will limit the vehicle's ability to tow. Because of this, it's crucial that your fifth wheel hitch has a towing capacity that matches or exceeds that of your truck.


  • The Towing Capacity

You may readily locate this value online by searching for the characteristics of your automobile or truck in your owner's handbook. This capacity is listed in every vehicle specification.


  • Trailer Tongue Weight (TTW)

The tongue weight of the trailer, or how much downward force it will exert on your hitch ball, may also be listed in the same place. However, in practice, this will change depending on whether the weight of the trailer's cargo is concentrated more in the front or rear of the trailer. This figure is typically 10% of the GTW. The load is considered to be uniformly distributed inside the trailer in order to determine the published tongue weight.

It is crucial to make an effort to keep this balance. A front-heavy trailer will put extra strain on the tow vehicle's rear. As a result, there will be less weight on the front wheels, which could result in less effective steering.

The stability of the back end of your automobile or truck may be compromised if the trailer has an excessive amount of weight in the back. This may increase the possibility of trailer sway. Additionally, this circumstance can exert upward pressure on the coupler/ball connection point, separating the trailer from the towing vehicle.


  • Gross Trailer Weight (GTW)

A gross trailer weight is necessary for all built and licensed trailers. To find this weight, consult your trailer's owner's manual. Additionally, there can be a plate or sticker on the trailer that contains this information.


  • Gross Combination Weight Rating

A Gross Combination Weight Rating will be provided by the manufacturer for light vehicles and larger SUVs (GCWR). The combined maximum weight for both vehicles, including people, cargo, fuel, and other items, is this. Count the weight of any water and waste in your freshwater or holding tanks as well as the weight of the propane in your LP Gas tanks if you are hauling a fifth wheel or travel trailer.


Best Quality, Best Product

The Ford F Series, Dodge Ram, and Chevrolet Silverados are the best trucks for car carriers with TULGA’s exceptional T10 fifth wheel hitch plates. The semi trailer hitch, tractor unit, dolly, or driving trailer are connected to the towing truck by the hitch via a 5th wheel plate. The fifth wheel arrangement must be introduced at the bottom of an elevated truck like a lugging vehicle. Oil is applied to the fifth wheel's surface to reduce contact. This system protects your fifth wheel hitch from wear, minimizing possible frictions. When the system is a pivoting ball-race-bearing type, it is occasionally referred to as a turn-table. This coupler has the benefit of improving towing steadiness.

Visit our web site here to commence on your hot shot trucking job with the best quality products.

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Austine Nwadike - October 12, 2022

Hi, just bought a dodge ram 5500 truck crew cab chasis .I need FIFTH WHEEL installed.
Please let me know how long it would take and your location.
I am Boston Massachusetts.

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