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Top 10 Tips for Hot Shot Truckers

Discover the top 10 tips for successful hot shot trucking with TULGA's expert guide. From hotshot truck selection to delivery strategies, our insights cover it all. Get the most out of your hotshot truck with TULGA's tips and elevate your hot shot trucking game today!

If you have made up your mind about starting your own job, the next step is knowing the ABC’s of this journey. Considering every detail beforehand is important for avoiding unexpected results and disappointments. While most people do not recognize it at first, Hot shot Trucking is not an entirely new trend, in fact. The job has been conducted for many years; however, its popularity was very narrow, and, plus, not many people were able to afford the required equipment. But today’s mass production necessitates the fastest deliveries and transportation. Hence, equipment for hot shot trucking has become accessible everywhere -especially the fifth wheel. If you want to know about the origins of hot shot trucking, visit TULGA Fifth Wheel Hitch for everything about hot shot trucking.

Here we have prepared the top 10 tips for you before commencing on your new job.

1.       The best states for hot shot trucking 

According to the findings of our investigation, Danville is the most favorable small city in the United States for truck drivers. The city is located at the center of a tri-city triangle that also includes St. Louis and Indianapolis, which are each significant metropolises in their respective states of Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana. In addition, Morristown is situated to the east of Nashville, along Interstates 40, 81, and 75 corridors. Because over 8,500 trucks travel along each of these three interstates each and every day, they are among the busiest freight routes in the country.


2.       Choose the best truck 

It is not a wise decision to conduct hot shot trucking on fuel, because there will be an insufficient amount of power and torque. As a result, it is recommended to acquire a diesel engine. There is no question that diesel engines have a number of benefits over their gasoline counterparts, yet gasoline engines are never used in semi trucks. There may be semi-vehicles that run on gasoline, but you would be better off getting a diesel until electric trucks become more widely available.


3.       Prioritize efficiency 

When working in the hot shot sector, arriving on time can mean the difference between making more money and making less money. It's possible that another thousand dollars won't come your way until you put in that extra hour of work. To ensure that this occurs, make it a priority to arrive on time. Planning is an important step that most experienced truck drivers skip.


4.       Organize your route

You need to plan your route in order to arrive on time. Make sure you are heading in the right direction and that you are aware of your destination. It is a smart move to give your receiver or shipper a call in advance and inquire about the precise location of where the shipment should be dropped off. It is also a good idea to inquire as to whether there is a location where your hot shot truck and trailer may park in a secure manner in order to complete the cargo drop-off.


5.       It is a matter of time

Time is of the essence in the time-sensitive hotshot business. When searching for loads, you need to be able to choose and obtain the load in a timely manner. In addition, having a quick loading speed is an asset when putting the merchandise onto your trailer. If a tarp is needed for the load, make sure you get one. If you are able to secure the goods more quickly, you will be able to travel to the highway and complete the task in a shorter amount of time.


6.     Step forward for oversized loads if possible

Transport enormous goods, such as heavy machinery used in industry or the military. Avoid avoiding them at all costs. Find someone who can help you get a permit to carry it and talk to them about it. The cost of transporting an excessive load can range from $3.50 to $5.50 per mile, which can result in increased revenue for your business.

Additionally, when getting army loads, choose reliable brokers. Because military loads are considered to be consistent loads, you stand to gain a significant amount of profit if you are successful in landing this kind of load. These loads frequently travel from one base to another, in addition to going to a variety of different training areas.


7.       Light-loads can make good money

The money might be discovered not only in the loads that are too large but also in the loads that are too low. But not just any light load; one that offers a good pay rate. You can determine whether or not it is a load that will pay well for you by multiplying the rate per mile by the total number of miles you will be going. If the rate per mile is higher than the base rate that you are required to make, then it is a load that pays well.


8.       Don’t leave aside your personal life

Are you thinking about starting a family business in the hot shotting industry? Even if it isn't possible, you shouldn't let the fact that it prevents you from occasionally taking your family with you while you drive. You are free to bring your children along with you as you go speed trucking. You will then be in a position to educate them on the workings of the sector. They will get knowledge about hot shotting, and you will have the opportunity to form a bond with them and simply be with them.

9.       Always be in operation

If you want to make more money with your hot shot hustle, you should keep your truck loaded. Don't just leave your car sitting there. Find freight that is good for your business and for you. If you look for it, there is enough freight out there.


10.   Have steady brokers and qualified equipment

Hot shot truckers can make a lot of money from brokers who have steady loads. These brokers would work near on-site factories that make ACs, refrigerators, and other things. Companies give these manufactured units to the brokers so that the brokers can start moving them. It would be easier for you to help them move these units out when you are there. 

Fifth wheels are popular among hot shot truckers for their practicality and ease of installation. A best-quality fifth wheel with its equipment, such as the fifth wheel plate, the kingpin, and the adapters, shall provide the safest and most comfortable travel to you as well. TULGA T10 Fifth Wheel Hitch Plate is specially designed for flatbed pickup trucks, which make it one of the best vehicles for hot shot trucking. 


10 simple principles, but very important if you want to be a successful hot shot trucker and also enjoy your job. Have you had your fifth wheel and truck ready? Then let’s go!

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